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PPi Research Centre launched a cross-departmental Masters programme, the MA Politics, Media and Performance, in 2013-2014.


Both Masters and PhD students are a significant part of our research community and have access to the activities of the research centre including the distinguished speaker talks and seminars, symposia and workshops at the cutting edge of research in the field, and fortnightly performances, film screenings and group discussions.

MA programmes

MA Politics, Media and Performance 
 (coordinated by Professor Adrian Kear and co-taught with Professor Jenny Edkins). More details about the programme are available here and for further information, contact Professor Kear on
The Department of International Politics also offers an MA International Politics, and modules from this programme are available to students on MA Politics, Media and Performance.

PhD Supervision

Students who are interested doing a PhD will be supervised by experienced specialists in the field including Professor Jenny Edkins (International Politics) and Professor Adrian Kear (TFTS). Topics include politics, ethics and aesthetics of performance, spectatorship and critical aesthetics, democratic participation and cultural politics, sovereign power, the instrumentalisation of life, security, humanitarian crises, traumatic memory, missing persons, the photograph and the face. Students associated with the research centre have been funded by the ESRC, AHRC, Aberystwyth University and external institutions including the Ford Foundation and the Norwegian Government.

See below for full details of current and past students supervised by Professor Edkins and Professor Kear.

Space to be creative...

I am undertaking my PhD in the Department of International Politics, and am affiliated with the PPi research centre. It's an environment where I have a balance between having the space to be creative and take my project in directions I want to explore, while at the same time being supported in these ventures. My PhD is funded by the ESRC which has provided invaluable additional resources, and it's a collaborative project with the non-academic organisation International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP), whom I have visited each year in Sarajevo, Bosnia. Studying here has been a great experience, and I am enjoying every part of the PhD process.

Danielle House
Danielle House PhD student Danielle House's web page

The most interesting opportunity around

The PMP MA is fantastic, it’s challenging, exciting and utterly unique. I love the fact it's crossing boundaries and disciplines. I studied International Relations at the University of Leeds for my BA, but when it came to doing a Masters I wanted something that would really challenge how I thought. I’d always had an interest in media, particularly film and this was by far the most interesting opportunity around. The atmosphere within both the course and the department is amazing, it is so collaborative and supportive, everyone’s encouraging each other to do better and really develop their ideas. The teaching is great and the other students all bring their own perspectives, which constantly show you different ways of examining and understanding the world. I feel it has really opened my eyes.

Rowan Guyver
Rowan Guyver MA student

I feel very welcomed...

Politics, Media and Performance MA has allowed me to explore the complex relationships between politics and creative media such as film and performances. With the flexibility to choose optional modules from both the department of Theatre, Film and Television Studies and the department of International Politics, I am able to map out the course to suit my interests. The teaching staff here are highly experienced professionals and they enhance my learning experience by being approachable and enthusiastic. As an international student, I feel very welcomed by both students and staff so I am able to quickly adjust to my new environment. By choosing to study this course, I have gained valuable critical skills in media analysis and practice as well as a deeper understanding of politics.

May Vichienthong
May Vichienthong MA Student

Current and past students supervised by Professor Edkins and Professor Kear

Professor Jenny Edkins

PhD Supervision in progress

  1. Lydia Cole “Framing Gender-based Violence and the Production of the ‘Victim-Subject’ in Bosnia and Herzegovina” (Joint supervisor) Funding: ESRC studentship
  2. Danielle House “Memorialising Missing Persons” (Primary supervisor) Funding: ESRC studentship
  3. Amal Abu-Bakare “The ‘Colour’ in Counterterrorism: A postcolonial analysis of racialization in British and Canadian counterterror approaches” (Joint supervisor) Funding: Aberdoc and President Scholarships

PhD Supervision completed

  1. Yvonne Rinkart, “The Production of Airport Space: Times, Spaces and Bodies of International Aviation” (Joint supervisor) Funding ESRC 1+3 studentship; submitted March 2017
  2. Chyatat Supachalasai “Theorising the Politics of Survivors: Memory, Trauma, and Subjectivity in International Politics” (Primary supervisor) Funding Thai government scholarship; submitted January 2017
  3. Dr Ira Blaitka; “Borders and Difference: The Politics of Delineating Europe” (Joint supervisor) Funding CES Award. Phd Awarded 2017.
  4. Dr Catherine Charrett “A performance in politics : Hamas and the EU through the 2006 Palestinian Legislative Elections” (Primary supervisor) PhD awarded 2014.
  5. Dr Gillian McFadyen. “Britain’s Refugees: The persecution criteria.” (Primary supervisor) Funding: 1+3 ESRC Research Studentship. PhD awarded 2014
  6. Dr Reiko Shindo: “Re-thinking State Boundaries: Translation and Language.” (Primary supervisor) Funding: E H Carr Studentship; ORS. PhD awarded March 2013.
  7. Dr Megan Daigle: “Sexuality, the Discourse of Prostitution and Governance of Bodies in Post-Soviet Cuba.” (Primary supervisor) Funding: E H Carr Studentship; ORS. PhD awarded 2012.
  8. Dr Charlotte Heath-Kelly: “Killing in the Name: Searching for ‘the Political’ in Political Violence.” (Primary supervisor) Funding: ESRC, 2011-. PhD awarded 2013.
  9. Dr Madeleine Fagan: “Poststructuralist notions of responsibility: implications for practical politics.” (Primary supervisor) Funding: ESRC 1+3 PhD awarded 2009
  10. Dr Laura Guillaume: “War on the body: dramatising the space of the unknown.” (Primary supervisor) Funding: ESRC 1+3. PhD awarded 2009
  11. Dr Owain Llyr ap Gareth: “Welshing on postcolonialism: complicity and resistance in the construction of Welsh identities.” (Primary Supervisor). Funding: Aberystwyth Postgraduate Research Studentship PhD awarded 2009
  12. Dr Tom Lundborg: “Encountering the "event" in international politics: Gilles Deleuze, "9/11", and the politics of the virtual.” Funding: ESRC Research Studentship (Primary Supervisor). PhD awarded 2008.
  13. Dr Hwang Yih-jye (Jay: “The birth of the "Taiwanese": a discursive constitution of the Taiwanese as a national identity.” Self-funded. (Joint supervisor). PhD awarded 2008.
  14. Dr Marie Suetsugu: “Dividing practices and the subject of development” ELWa Health and Globalisation Studentship. (Primary supervisor). PhD awarded 2007.
  15. Dr Nick Vaughan-Williams: “Borders and international relations: the politics of framing.” Centre for Border Studies Research Studentship (Primary supervisor). PhD awarded 2006.
  16. Dr Stig Jarle Hansen “Ethiopian decision-making and the war with Eritrea” (Secondary supervisor) PhD awarded 2006.
  17. Dr Karen Karapetyan: “The state of the spectacle: a post-anarchist investigation of the problem of state reification” (Primary supervisor) PhD awarded 2005.
  18. Dr Priscilla Netto: “Politics of vision: towards an understanding of the practices of the visible and invisible” (Primary supervisor) ESRC Research Studentship. PhD awarded 2004.
  19. Dr David Smith: “Lacan at war : psychoanalysis and combat motivation” (Primary supervisor) ESRC Research Studentship. PhD awarded 2004.
  20. Dr Annick Wibben: “Security Narratives in International Relations and the Events of September 11, 2001: A Feminist Study” (Primary supervisor) ESRC Research Studentship. PhD awarded 2003.
  21. Dr Huw Evans: “The production of Mexican space : Henri Lefebvre, globalization and state” (Joint supervisor) PhD awarded 2002.
  22. Dr Nicholas Dennis: “Widening community: Racism and the constitution of British humanitarian discourse” (Primary supervisor) PhD awarded 2003.
  23. Dr Richard Morton: “NATO reconstituted: a discursive reading of the possibility of NATO enlargement” (Joint supervisor) PhD Awarded 2001.
  24. Dr Maja Zehfuss: “Constructivist theories in international relations and German military involvement abroad.” (Joint supervisor) ESRC Research Studentship. PhD Awarded 1999.


Professor Adrian Kear

Current PhD supervisions

  1. Ashley Wallington, ‘Performing Authenticity’, part-time PhD in progress: submitting August 2017
  2. Marios Chatziprokopiou, ‘Mourning Performance’, DCDS funded PhD in progress: submitting June 2017
  3. Kieran Holland, ‘Running, Performance and Theatricality’, AberDoc funded PhD in progrees: commenced September 2016.

PhD supervision to successful completion (100%): 

  1. Dr Simon Bayly, ‘Theatre and the Ethics of Interruption’, AHRB funded PhD: successfully completed 2003
  2. Dr Ernst Fischer, ‘Living Room Theatre and Domestic Performance’, Practice-based PhD: successfully completed 2003
  3. Dr Gianna Bouchard, ‘Performing the Anatomised Body’, AHRB funded PhD: successfully completed 2006
  4. Dr John Matthews, ‘Training for Performance’, PhD : successfully completed 2008
  5. Dr Jazmin Llana, ‘Ritual and Event in the Post-colonial Performance of the Philippines’, Ford Foundation funded PhD: successfully completed 2009
  6. Dr Esther Pilkington, ‘The Journey as Performance’, AHRC funded PhD: successfully completed 2011
  7. Dr Daniel Ladnar, ‘The Lecture Performance’, APRS funded PhD: successfully completed 2014
  8. Dr Richard Allen, ‘The Object as Post-dramatic Gesture’, part-time practice-based PhD: successfully completed 2014
  9. Dr Tom Payne, ‘Performance and the Politics of Place: National Theatre Wales’, KESS funded PhD: successfully completed 2014
  10. Dr Alison Matthews, ‘Dramaturgies of Social Exchange’, AIPRS funded PhD: successfully completed 2015
  11. Dr Rebecca Collins, ‘Becoming Audience’, APRS funded PhD: successfully completed 2015
  12. Dr Reuben Knutson, ‘Landscape, memory, and counter-cultural performance’. KESS funded PhD: successfully completed 2016.