Symposia and exhibitions

Our Work

Exhibition: Huellas de la Memoria (Footprints of Memory)

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Symposium: ‘Absence, presence and embodiment’

People who are disappeared leave traces behind: traces of presence, photographs and personal possessions. Though the demand is “We want them back alive!’ in the end it is often only human remains—skeletal traces—that are recovered and identified. The relatives of the disappeared also make traces of their own: their shoes […]

Symposium investigating Quarantine’s Quartet

Quarantine’s Quartet comprised four pieces of work – Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring – developed by the company over a two year period. Whilst each show was originally performed separately, together they constitute a sustained enquiry into the performance of ‘life’ – individual and collective, conceived through the passing of ‘seasons’ – and […]

Symposium: Pearson/Brookes’ ILIAD

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Symposium: Collaborative Working / Decolonising the Academy

In the current conjunction, intellectual activity is increasingly circumscribed, instrumentalised and depoliticised. We explored how models of collaboration, exemplified in the Centre for Contemporary Cultural Studies (CCCS) from 1964 to 2002 and Stuart Hall’s work, and evident in creative practices such as devised performance and in the project of decolonizing the […]

Coriolan/us – A one-day symposium

Described by The Observer as “an outstanding production that makes several big points about the theatre today…an unforgettable political and personal drama: rich, tough and resonant,” and by The Financial Times as “gripping,” “a production that brilliantly conveys the confusion, unpredictability and opportunism of civil strife,” this was a inspiring […]