Unacknowledged Voices: Arts & Crafts as Political Knowledge Archives

The workshop, organised in conjunction with the Stitched Voices exhibition, addresses the question of how arts and crafts can contribute to our understanding of (international) politics, and a range of distinguished and highly interesting guests will present on their academic and/or political work on/with textiles and murals. This workshop will be of interest to PPi […]

Symposium: ‘Absence, presence and embodiment’

In this three-day symposium we reflect on the politics of disappearance, investigating how aesthetic practices of representing absence and materialising presence engage with the embodied experience of those facing the trauma of disappearance. How does artistic practice make manifest what happens when someone is missing, relating the responses of relatives […]

Huellas de la Memoria (Footprints of Memory)

Exhibition Huellas de la Memoria (Footprints of Memory) “43 families’ lives changed forever on September 26, 2014 when their loved ones – students at an Ayotzinapa teachers college – were kidnapped. A year before that, more than 15 people disappeared from Cocula, but their disappearances didn’t garner international attention. Since about 2007, more […]


The Quipu Project comes to Aber

Quipu is a phone line for listening to and sharing stories about the sterilisation campaign that took place in the 1990s in Peru. Karen Tucker and Matthew Brown, academic consultants on the project from Bristol University, came to Aberystwyth for a PPi workshop on the project this week. The project […]


Stitched Voices exhibition opening

The Stitched Voices exhibition opened last night at Aberystwyth Arts Centre with a very well attended evening of music, poetry and dance. The exhibition, commissioned by Berit Bliesemann de Guevara and a team of PhD students from the Department of International Politics and curated by Roberta Bacic, runs until 12 […]

Distinguished Speaker: Simon Bayly (University of Roehampton)

Carry on Camping? Spectacle and concealment in the performance of politics This speculative paper seeks to weave a relationship between the performance aesthetics of the protest camp, organized around a dialectic of ecstatic revelation and clandestine concealment, and a performance ethics, organized around a combination of belonging, violent displacement, defeat […]

Autoethnography and Narrative Workshop: Professor Naeem Inayatullah (Ithaca College) and Professor Himadeep Muppidi (Vassar College)

“The Miracle is What I am Trying to Understand” Science, Biography and Intimacy in International Politics: Explores a collaborative narrative form of performed lecture inspired by autobiography. “I am the first-born son of parents whose parents toiled in the fields of the Punjab.  Both sides of my family genealogy is tied to […]