Symposium: Pearson/Brookes’ ILIAD

Lauded by The Guardian as ‘the theatrical event of the year, perhaps of the decade’, ILIAD provided a unique opportunity to reflect on and explore the connections and points of separation between performance and politics. What are the politics of the performance as aesthetic event, and how are these informed by the conditions of its making? What questions of politics and the political does the performance open up, and how do these become apparent (or occluded) through its modes of practice and form of representation? How does the performance address and work with its audience, and how might we spectators speak back to the performance? How might we think through what it asks of us, and explore the extent to which the encounter with performance animates a politics of spectatorship?

Bringing together performance makers and critically engaged spectators, the symposium investigated these key questions from a variety of positions and perspectives.

Professor Emeritus Mike Pearson (Director, Keynote speaker)

Dr Mike Brookes (Director)
Dr Ffion Jones (Performer)
Dr Andrew Filmer (TFTS)
Dr Gareth Evans (Creative Arts)
Dr Karoline Gritzner (TFTS)
Margaret Ames (TFTS)